In the Célé Valley

Must-see visits

Are you looking for activities to do around the Célé Valley? Are you looking for a change of scenery and “nature” moments?

We offer you some ideas and food for thought.


The Cele Valley

Between cliffs and troglodyte houses, the Célé Valley undulates in a route that is sometimes wild and sometimes poetic.


The villages

Marcilhac-sur-Célé, Espagnac-Sainte Eulalie, Corn via Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, come and visit these incredibly charming villages.


The caves

Come and visit the various caves offered by our heritage, there is something for all ages and all tastes!

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The Cele Valley

Between cliffs and troglodyte houses, the Célé Valley undulates in a route that is sometimes wild and sometimes poetic. Substantially parallel to that of the Lot, its course ricochets from one landscape to another, inscribing its passage in the limestone plateaus. At once black, white and warmed with ocher, the high cliffs suddenly become less mineral. By its landscapes and its characteristics, the Célé offers a variation of walks.

Following its course, the rock walls open up and reveal their dark caves adorned with prehistoric drawings, their pretty villages, their troglodyte houses. Without forgetting an astonishing fauna and flora.

There are a good number of Mediterranean species, shrub jasmine, passerine warblers or even the serrated magician, an insectivorous grasshopper without wings.

A stopover in the villages

Start by Marcilhac-sur-Célé. Spread out around its abbey whose Romanesque church has preserved its austere beauty, this village, bathed in the freshness of the banks of the Célé, exudes tranquillity. A little further, push the visit to Espagnac-Sainte Eulalie, Corn and Camboulit via Beduer.

During your visit to Sauliac, discover houses clinging to the rock resembling swarms of bees.

If you take the valley road from Figeac, discover other charming sites such as Boussac, Corn, Espagnac Ste Eulalie, Brengues, St Sulpice, Marcilhac sur Célé, Sauliac sur Célé or even Cabrerets with the Pech Merle cave which is a prehistoric decorated cave and finally Bouziès at the confluence with the Lot.

The blue source

5 minutes from Camping le Moulin Vieux, let yourself be tempted by a guaranteed change of scenery around the Source Bleue. Lush flora and clear water shaded with turquoise blue will bathe you in a unique landscape

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An eternal jewel: Perched above the Lot River, the medieval village fits its cliff in a spectacular way.

Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is a listed site with 13 historical monuments. The village has retained all of its heritage, but above all a crazy charm.

Take a cruise on the Lot at the foot of the village. You will embark on a barge a few kilometers from Saint-Cirq Lapopie, then you will follow the towpath to the village according to the comments of your guide and the passages of locks.

28km or 35 minutes from the campsite

The Monkey Forest

Camera slung over your shoulder, live the experience of total immersion in the fascinating universe of more than 150 Barbary macaques roaming free in a 20 ha forest.

You will be seduced by the exceptional observation possibilities and amazed by the incredible proximity to the monkeys who do not hesitate to approach visitors.

42km or 40 minutes from the campsite

The different caves

In case of strong heat, you can take refuge there and keep cool. In case of rain, this is the ideal place to take shelter.

Come and visit the various caves offered by our heritage: The Pech Merle caves, the Lacave caves, the Cougnac caves or the almost caves. A spectacular spectacle in the Dordogne Valley.

32km or 33 minutes from the campsite

Gouffre de Padirac

The Gouffre de Padirac located 8 km from Rocamadour is the 1st chasm in France and one of the most fascinating to explore in Europe.

After a vertiginous descent, to the center of the earth, 103 meters deep (don't worry there is an elevator!), it's off for a 1h30 visit to discover, among other things, the legend of the Drac.

41km or 46 minutes from the campsite


A vertiginous city that dominates the Alzou canyon, the medieval city of Rocamadour is a miracle of balance.

Discover the sacred city, between heaven and earth.

42km or 45 minutes from the campsite